Pa-Sine?Pa-Sit In! – Adapted Short Films In Local Dialects and other Artsy Stuff


I always wanted to become a Film Maker ever since I was a kid growing up with “The Electric Company”, “Sesame Street”, “The Six Million Dollar Man”, “Rocky”, “Star Wars”,  and all the TV Programs and Movies abundant during that era. During playtime, I would do monologues portraying scenes from “Super Friends”. “Star Trek”, or “Mighthor”; even doing impressions of characters from these shows which I guess helped in mastering the art of speaking in English until now. Further down the lane, I was supposed to take up Fine Arts in U.P. Major in Film in college, but ended up being an Architecture graduate from Bicol University since we moved here from Manila after I finished elementary schooling due to some family matters. Even in school, I pursued my love for the arts by joining acting clubs, directing school productions, even winning some competitions in the process. That’s how I love the Visual Arts!

Ever Since I swayed from traveling the Philippines with jobs from Advertising, Radio and TV Networks, the work experience made me want to share that knowledge to the new generation because I know for a fact that those in the academe lacked the industry knowledge. I tried to introduce my own way of teaching to these greenhorns and have been met with violent reactions and harsh protests. People have always been afraid to try anything new and feared the unknown, I just kept on going.

Onwards to the now! I have yet to conquer another institution and introduce my own brand of education – LEARNING BY DOING!

As part of their Finals requirement for their subject in MULTIMEDIA, I have asked these IT students to remake existing short films found on the web and re-shoot, re-edit and reproduce i on their own but with one twist – all dialogues will be in RINCONADA with English subtitles. Hence, “PaSine?PaSitIn!” was born which was coined from a famous Rinconada saying, “Pasini, Pasiton…Pakurukupsit, Paturuturayus!” It has a tentative Screening date on the 4th of March at the College of Eng’g AVR of CSPC Nabua and some plans to show it other venues for public consumption and maybe released as instructional materials for other schools and/or institutions to be used as reference. Big things always come from small ideas, and I Always think BIG!


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