Mayon Magayon At Sunrise


T’was a holiday and I woke early since my alarm was scheduled for weekdays to set-off at exactly 5:05am and I had to drag my sorry ass butt off my bed after 30minutes of acrobatics before finally realizing I won’t be going back to sleep anymore. So I do the usual morning routines  before walking out into the early-day smell of fresh carabao poo in the air, when I noticed that the peak of Mayon was glaring at me on top of the roofs and trees in the neighborhood and that prodded me to go back into the house, get the mobile phone and set off to go to my fave spot on a field just beside the highway about 3 blocks from the house.

The grass in the field is still wet with dew and further in the horizon, you could still see a foggy mist slowly lifting from the ground. The shepherds were early because there were a few carabaos and cows already grazing and romping around the field with mountain peaks of Masaraga and the other one just across Polangui with barren of clouds against a clear blue sky on a Tuesday.

I looked for a spot to compose my shot trying to avoid the nearby houses and what not. The image above is the result of perfect timing at the right place.

I may have been born in Manila and raised in the second-half of my life here in Bicol but I might as well been born here all along. We are blessed with a Natural Wonder which is both beautiful and dangerous. And as friend of mine puts it, there are no two images of Mayon Volcano which are alike – I seriously believe that!

Come and visit, if you have time and experience this wonder by yourself.

Mayon Magayon!


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