Exhibition: Learning By Doing!

3D Exhibit

Gone are the days where the only ones who appreciate your projects were your Mom, Class Adviser and Classmates in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Level Classes. That all of what you slaved for during the term were only judged by one sole evaluating body – your TEACHER who fervently puts your rating on a piece of thick board of papyrus which they determines your performance in school more than anything else and will let people judge you for the rest of your miserable life.

Architecture has many branches that make it possible for someone who finishes the grueling 5 years to work in several fields which sways you not far from the profession – and yes, experience is a better ticket than just passing the board exam in the Philippines. Why?you get to explore the different sides of what life has to offer other than burying your face on the drawing table and/or PC monitor and just doing technical drawings for a stingy client who wants you to just give your designs and hardwork for free with the discounted price they wanna pay you! I have not been able to take the Licensure Exam for the fact that I had to look for work right after graduation because my father left the mortal world just right after I got into my college freshman year. I have taken every possible job there was to support the family wherein the teachings of my course were very useful and even getting into actual jobs which require those skills even without the license. That’s Why!

Then came the time that I felt that there was an inadequacy of instructors who actually had industry experience who teach certain Major Subjects in college. The lack thereof tends to bend some realities which they only get from the books they have read and not the actual “rat race” kind of training which some few individuals have came to conquer and survive. “Learning By Doing!” had always been a motto which I religiously follow and have met a few adverse oppositions by students and school administrators alike.

Fast-forward to the present, still bent on the motto I follow, I have come up with several public exhibitions by my students which came as controversial and questionable to the institutions whom I chose to work with. And the above image shows you one of the latest outputs of students I handle – THE 3D EXHIBIT, a visual representation of what they have learned in engineering drawing for the past semester. This time, their drawings come to life!

You Won’t Learn If You Don’t Do It!



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