X-MEN Apocalypse Premiere Showing

I have read the message the next day at the office since getting a signal from the networks at home is as unfortunate as my romantic career. A longtime friend sent a rather beckoning question: would you want to watch the premiere showing of XMEN APOCALYPSE? to which I gave a resounding reply: OF COURSE YES!

The lobby was filled with moviegoers and mall personnel when we(my best friend) got there. We were immediately greeted by a familiar face who led us to the buffet table all at once, to which I have no regret up to this writing. After indulging ourselves to meat buns, dumplings, dimsum and cucumber juice, we were asked to get in the cinema as the movie was about to start but not without being handed over a pack of popcorn and a can of soda. Weeeeeee! Only the strongest will survive!

The movie starts where the last installment left-off at the end credits, where you see En Sabah Nur is surrounded by lotsa people and pyramids being paraded to the insides of the largest structure wearing the traditional garbs and masks of Egyptian mythology. If you were a fan of the X-Men series from way back its comic book days, you would understand the opening scene that ensues at the beginning where the the “old” horsemen of the apocalypse tries to save him from being decimated under the enormous pyramid while in a state of transference.

Fast forward to the 80’s – Mystique gets to find Night Crawler and Angel in a caged fight in Germany while in the desert…Professor X tries to find Moira with the help of the newly improved Cerebro and then reveals that he has a thing for her, then Apocalypse gets resurrected and finds his Horsemen – Storm, Angel, Psylocke…Magneto saves a co-worker but instead got arrested and his whole family killed by the policemen, Apocalypse appears as Erik was about to murder his co-workers and gets him to be part of the horsemen after showing him the extent of his powers!

Enough of the spoilers, but you will see why Professor X lost all his hair…Weapon X made an appearance…The Phoenix came out…and the next Mutant Villain to appear on the next installment?

It’s Mr. Sinister! LOL

Thank you Ayala Malls Legazpi Cinema for letting us watch the premiere and to Yrvs and the rest of the staff. Bicolano Blogger Republic was present sans Mavic and Goldie…but Karen and Jenny were there with tag-alongs!

X-Men Apocalypse Rocks!