Exhibition: Learning By Doing!

3D Exhibit

Gone are the days where the only ones who appreciate your projects were your Mom, Class Adviser and Classmates in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Level Classes. That all of what you slaved for during the term were only judged by one sole evaluating body – your TEACHER who fervently puts your rating on a piece of thick board of papyrus which they determines your performance in school more than anything else and will let people judge you for the rest of your miserable life.

Architecture has many branches that make it possible for someone who finishes the grueling 5 years to work in several fields which sways you not far from the profession – and yes, experience is a better ticket than just passing the board exam in the Philippines. Why?you get to explore the different sides of what life has to offer other than burying your face on the drawing table and/or PC monitor and just doing technical drawings for a stingy client who wants you to just give your designs and hardwork for free with the discounted price they wanna pay you! I have not been able to take the Licensure Exam for the fact that I had to look for work right after graduation because my father left the mortal world just right after I got into my college freshman year. I have taken every possible job there was to support the family wherein the teachings of my course were very useful and even getting into actual jobs which require those skills even without the license. That’s Why!

Then came the time that I felt that there was an inadequacy of instructors who actually had industry experience who teach certain Major Subjects in college. The lack thereof tends to bend some realities which they only get from the books they have read and not the actual “rat race” kind of training which some few individuals have came to conquer and survive. “Learning By Doing!” had always been a motto which I religiously follow and have met a few adverse oppositions by students and school administrators alike.

Fast-forward to the present, still bent on the motto I follow, I have come up with several public exhibitions by my students which came as controversial and questionable to the institutions whom I chose to work with. And the above image shows you one of the latest outputs of students I handle – THE 3D EXHIBIT, a visual representation of what they have learned in engineering drawing for the past semester. This time, their drawings come to life!

You Won’t Learn If You Don’t Do It!



Mayon Magayon At Sunrise


T’was a holiday and I woke early since my alarm was scheduled for weekdays to set-off at exactly 5:05am and I had to drag my sorry ass butt off my bed after 30minutes of acrobatics before finally realizing I won’t be going back to sleep anymore. So I do the usual morning routines  before walking out into the early-day smell of fresh carabao poo in the air, when I noticed that the peak of Mayon was glaring at me on top of the roofs and trees in the neighborhood and that prodded me to go back into the house, get the mobile phone and set off to go to my fave spot on a field just beside the highway about 3 blocks from the house.

The grass in the field is still wet with dew and further in the horizon, you could still see a foggy mist slowly lifting from the ground. The shepherds were early because there were a few carabaos and cows already grazing and romping around the field with mountain peaks of Masaraga and the other one just across Polangui with barren of clouds against a clear blue sky on a Tuesday.

I looked for a spot to compose my shot trying to avoid the nearby houses and what not. The image above is the result of perfect timing at the right place.

I may have been born in Manila and raised in the second-half of my life here in Bicol but I might as well been born here all along. We are blessed with a Natural Wonder which is both beautiful and dangerous. And as friend of mine puts it, there are no two images of Mayon Volcano which are alike – I seriously believe that!

Come and visit, if you have time and experience this wonder by yourself.

Mayon Magayon!

Pa-Sine?Pa-Sit In! – Adapted Short Films In Local Dialects and other Artsy Stuff


I always wanted to become a Film Maker ever since I was a kid growing up with “The Electric Company”, “Sesame Street”, “The Six Million Dollar Man”, “Rocky”, “Star Wars”,  and all the TV Programs and Movies abundant during that era. During playtime, I would do monologues portraying scenes from “Super Friends”. “Star Trek”, or “Mighthor”; even doing impressions of characters from these shows which I guess helped in mastering the art of speaking in English until now. Further down the lane, I was supposed to take up Fine Arts in U.P. Major in Film in college, but ended up being an Architecture graduate from Bicol University since we moved here from Manila after I finished elementary schooling due to some family matters. Even in school, I pursued my love for the arts by joining acting clubs, directing school productions, even winning some competitions in the process. That’s how I love the Visual Arts!

Ever Since I swayed from traveling the Philippines with jobs from Advertising, Radio and TV Networks, the work experience made me want to share that knowledge to the new generation because I know for a fact that those in the academe lacked the industry knowledge. I tried to introduce my own way of teaching to these greenhorns and have been met with violent reactions and harsh protests. People have always been afraid to try anything new and feared the unknown, I just kept on going.

Onwards to the now! I have yet to conquer another institution and introduce my own brand of education – LEARNING BY DOING!

As part of their Finals requirement for their subject in MULTIMEDIA, I have asked these IT students to remake existing short films found on the web and re-shoot, re-edit and reproduce i on their own but with one twist – all dialogues will be in RINCONADA with English subtitles. Hence, “PaSine?PaSitIn!” was born which was coined from a famous Rinconada saying, “Pasini, Pasiton…Pakurukupsit, Paturuturayus!” It has a tentative Screening date on the 4th of March at the College of Eng’g AVR of CSPC Nabua and some plans to show it other venues for public consumption and maybe released as instructional materials for other schools and/or institutions to be used as reference. Big things always come from small ideas, and I Always think BIG!

Walk, Shoot, Eat…Repeat!

WEEKEND PHOTOWALKS2 The birth of #LPKR or Lakaw-Pitik-Kaon-Repeat was accidental when the confirmation for The 5th Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk came in late and I thought that we never got the cut. The idea for the event actually came into mind when I was searching for a new area to dig my photo bug teeth into…to distinguish it from other subjects that most snap shooters frolic into like portraiture, landscape, and or self-portraits. I wanted to do street photography in a different setting; some place where it’s spontaneous and unpredictable…somewhere that’s full of surprising events happening at a flick of a finger. The premise is to go around the marketplace, survey the immediate area, walk then shoot and when you find something that’s nice to eat or feel nibbling on, pay for it, eat and repeat it over again, We have been going around and have shot at four towns during their Market Days – Guinobatan, Tiwi, Bacacay and Sto. Domingo which mostly fell on a Sunday. Some places have their “Palengke Days” on a weekday, hence I might squeeze in these munisipyos during the summertime and hopefully be done before June of this year. #LPKR is a free event wherein camarederie, foodtrip and travel is yours to partake into. It’s an event where Club Hijab Albayano Photography Inc. get to hobnob with other photo enthusiasts without the usual hassle of technical issues and what-nots involved in photography. If you love travel, love taking photos even if its not a DSLR and don’t mind the smell of shrimp paste, dried fish, muddy areas and throngs of people where you brush elbows, tummies even sweaty shirts. If you are not at all picky about the places we go to, then you are free to join us on the next Market Walk at your local town and find an unexpected treasure or trinket or delicacy to satisfy your cravings.

Authentic Pad Thai, Japchae, Spring Rolls, Thai Milk Tea & Many More : DateInDaet2014 Food Series


I immediately fell in love with this place the moment I stepped in!

After the Bagasbas Beach Surfing Demo sponsored by Bigg’s Diner, we had to rush downtown to partake in the light food fare offered by this healthy cuisine shop – Kundalini, which as described by the owner is Sanskrit for spiritual energy that can be awakened to purify the system, thus resulting in the food she offers in her store – HEALTHY FOOD!DSC_4526

She offers Grilled sandwiches which have delicious fillings that gives you that home-made feel which goes great with their smoothies or fruit shakes in season. And for a quaint hole in wall shop, they do offer plenty of choices to choose from. And Look at their Prices – definitely a run for your hard-earned money!


Speaking of which, they offer a variety of asian dishes that are very tasty and (again) healthy..like the Pad Thai and Japchae with the Home-Made Chili Sauce plus The Vietnamese Spring Rolls with their own recipe Thick Peanut Sauce!


This is one of my favorite drinks at the store, their own version of Milk Teas, this is the Thai Tea and this comes Highly- Recommended next to the Jasmine Ice-Cold Green Tea!DSC_4521

The kind and cheerful staff of Kundalini


Their Famous Pad Thai(Own Recipe)


Kundalini Japchae


Kundalini Vietnamese Spring Rolls made fresh daily, the reason why it gives you a refreshing fill each time you try it – good enough for Lunch!


Kundalini Staff preparing their famous Super Fiber Smoothie, and a Tall Glass will get you around for almost the whole day! And all these were formulated originally for just home use, for her husband who had to lose weight without the aid of pharmaceutical aid. I would definitely and strongly recommend this store to you if you happen to be in the area of Camarines Norte.

The catch is, all are unbelievably priced low to let people from all walks of life partake in a healthy lifestyle as offered by Kundalini. As I am writing this entry, my cravings have been activated and I hafta go travel from Albay to Daet to satisfy my pangs!LOL

More on my escapades in Daet on my next entry, in the meantime, try not to drool over the photos of one of fave eating places in the Philippines. Hahahaha!

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Daet’s World-Famous Pili Roll & Pineapple Pie: DateinDaet 2014 Series 2

Our trip to Camarines Norte – DateinDate 2014 last summer was truly awesome, everything was squeezed into three days of fun & adventure and lotsa Food! One of our stops was the food processing plant run by the LGU, and we were fortunate enough to witness how the famous “Pili Roll” was done.



The one in charge of the Processing Center explaining how the scrumptious pastry is done.



The invited bloggers from Bicol and Manila flock over to the pastry table to get a good shot of the procedure as it is being demonstrated by the resource persons of the Daet Food Processing Center.


After spreading the sweet Pili filling onto the chiffon cake, it is then rolled and wrapped in plastic and is now ready to be delivered to the outlets. After the demo, all of us were ushered into the kitchen to witness yet another presentation using  Daet’s famous tasty product – The Pineapple!


As how it was explained, the ingredients used here are also grown by the processing center along with subsidized farmers around the province. The fresh pineapples are made into jam and that’s what is put on those wee pie crusts with Pili Nut Toppings which is a great combination-Sweet and Crunchy!

DSC_4374 DSC_4373 DSC_4372


I also tried their Pineapple Juice made from the “Formosa” Variety or “Butterball” because of its diminutive size is considered as the sweetest pineapple or as Mayor Tito Sarion would brand it as the “Queen Pineapple of the Philippines”, is really sweet as a juice drink – the reason why i was able to down 2 tetra packs.LOL

More to come as I have been idle for a while…more of #dateindaet2014 escapades in the next entry!

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