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X-MEN Apocalypse Premiere Showing

I have read the message the next day at the office since getting a signal from the networks at home is as unfortunate as my romantic career. A longtime friend sent a rather beckoning question: would you want to watch the premiere showing of XMEN APOCALYPSE? to which I gave a resounding reply: OF COURSE YES!

The lobby was filled with moviegoers and mall personnel when we(my best friend) got there. We were immediately greeted by a familiar face who led us to the buffet table all at once, to which I have no regret up to this writing. After indulging ourselves to meat buns, dumplings, dimsum and cucumber juice, we were asked to get in the cinema as the movie was about to start but not without being handed over a pack of popcorn and a can of soda. Weeeeeee! Only the strongest will survive!

The movie starts where the last installment left-off at the end credits, where you see En Sabah Nur is surrounded by lotsa people and pyramids being paraded to the insides of the largest structure wearing the traditional garbs and masks of Egyptian mythology. If you were a fan of the X-Men series from way back its comic book days, you would understand the opening scene that ensues at the beginning where the the “old” horsemen of the apocalypse tries to save him from being decimated under the enormous pyramid while in a state of transference.

Fast forward to the 80’s – Mystique gets to find Night Crawler and Angel in a caged fight in Germany while in the desert…Professor X tries to find Moira with the help of the newly improved Cerebro and then reveals that he has a thing for her, then Apocalypse gets resurrected and finds his Horsemen – Storm, Angel, Psylocke…Magneto saves a co-worker but instead got arrested and his whole family killed by the policemen, Apocalypse appears as Erik was about to murder his co-workers and gets him to be part of the horsemen after showing him the extent of his powers!

Enough of the spoilers, but you will see why Professor X lost all his hair…Weapon X made an appearance…The Phoenix came out…and the next Mutant Villain to appear on the next installment?

It’s Mr. Sinister! LOL

Thank you Ayala Malls Legazpi Cinema for letting us watch the premiere and to Yrvs and the rest of the staff. Bicolano Blogger Republic was present sans Mavic and Goldie…but Karen and Jenny were there with tag-alongs!

X-Men Apocalypse Rocks!


My Apologies

Internet connectivity is now part of life’s essentials in any way possible. Since Typhoon Glenda tramped over the Bicol Region, particularly Albay and Sorsogon, all telecommunication companies became inaccessible for almost a month and everyone can attest to that devastation. Hence, it had been hard to reconnect to my followers…and just as everything was running smoothly, my 4yr old lcd monitor had conked out. This post is being done via a hand-me-down smartphone which I have not been able to pay in full yet, so please bear with me. For more up to date posts, you may follow,me on Instagram: @rasagrafikamanila or visit my facebook page ūüėä.




It is a first showcase of outputs from my playful mind who always make it a point to go out of the Norm…it is actually a hodge-podge of 12 carefully selected graphic representations of my imagination…the way I see things in MY WORLD!


The Exhibit runs from May 12-31,2014 at the Albay Capitol Atrium Gallery, Old Albay Dist., Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines. Please Come and See… ūüôā


DSC_0011 It was an unexpected Weekend for me and it was no Dream either. Since I got back into “Writing”(Blogging), the world somewhat became a bit more interesting. There were new acquaintances, friendships, places to discover, gastronomic experiences and a less stressful journey into life. And I was really glad to have re-opened and re-planned how my Blogging Group creation could be useful & a bit more fun at the same time. Here comes the invitation for the trip to a beautiful place just north of Albay – Daet, Camarines Norte, a place of many firsts in the Bicol Region. This is where the 1st Rizal Monument in the world was constructed in 1898, inspired by a Commander of the Revolutionary Forces and was recently declared as a National Monument. Rizal Monument It is also¬†the site of the First International Surfing Competition making Daet the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines in 1993. DSC_4458 So, it was a sleepless night before the escapade to a place where I once visited as a child and a young adult. I visited this town in Camarines Norte back in 2003 and wasn’t able to come back since. I guess the excitement contributed to me turning the bed topsy-turvy till I was able to catch some shut-eye and wake at about 2:30am, which was about the time when my Trip companion sent the wake-up SMS to inform me that they were on the bus and on the way to where I am in the globe. After a grueling 5hr Ride on the rickety-old bus with no air-conditioning, we finally stepped down at the Grand Terminal to pee and freshen up and wait for our ride – and we are an hour late from the agreed time meet-up. So, as soon as we were picked up from the terminal, we went straight to the Daet provincial Capitol Complex, where everyone else was. DSC_0002 DSC_0004 DSC_0005

After the usual introductions, we proceeded to walk to the 1st ¬†Refreshment Sponsor for the Weekend Escapade…and it was a rewarding sight as we trod along the streets of the Small Town, with a slight blend of the old and new in one place altogether.

DSC_0012 DSC_0009

DSC_0008 Just about the corner, right around the bend we found this quiet little nook of a teashop in the middle of the bustling mid-morning heat…and what ensued thereafter was total chaos on who gets to be served first and who gets to sit near the air-conditioning.Hahahaha! DSC_0013¬†DSC_0015DSC_0017 DSC_0019 DSC_0026 DSC_4306DSC_0029 DSC_4311 This Little Piece of Heaven under the blistering heat of the Saturday Sun was a Hidden Delight for a weary traveler who needs a little bit of refreshing after sweating on his favorite favorite shirt for hours on end. They call it KICK Milk Tea, a Daet original with their own mix of tea brew and several milk varieties to make it more appealing to your taste buds owned & operated by the¬†husband & wife team of Dhon & Coy De Belen. It’s actually the first bubble tea shop in the area, and its slowly getting a following specially from the younger crowd of students and yuppies. Kick Milk Tea Gul-Fie After this Group Shot with the owners & staff, #DateinDaet2014 now moves to the next destination on the itinerary…See you on the next Post! LOL
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It's An Exhibit for the Graphically-Inclined...

It had been a long wait for me to finally have my first ever solo exhibition of works…some commissioned jobs I did were shown in expos, conventions in a national level..I even had an exhibit at the MOA Convention Center as part of an International Convention years back…I have been joining group exhibits since 2010…My photography had been published in both newspapers, tabloids and magazines both locally & internationally…I have conducted workshops and have been invited on speaking engagements all around the Philippines…I have an ongoing workshop series who’s primary aim is to spread the Love for Photography for 5 years now and still going…

My show is called “Dose Na Grafika”(Twelve Graphic Works) because its a cross between photography and painting…it’s digital art on canvas! A blend of the Old & The New…two kinds of media made into one.

DOSE NA GRAFIKA(TWELVE GRAPHIC WORKS) will run from May 12-31, 2014 at the Albay Capitol Atrium Art Gallery, Albay Capitol Bldg., Old Albay Dist., Legazpi City. Exhibit Opens on May 12, 2014 with Cocktails at 6pm.

I would like to thank Apo Gonzales and the whole ABEX Group for believing me and giving me the opportunity to showcase my work. To friends who helped unconditionally, Doc Molly Del Rosario, Arch. Gerard Caceres and Family, Atty. Yami Balayo and a sleu of others who are always there to support me. To Kreate Digital Photo, thanks for co-sponsoring the canvas printing of my works…and to Yami¬†Furniture, for the frames of the canvases. Without you guys, this wouldn’t have been possible!

As my curator tells me, this is the first time that this kind of exhibit is gonna happen in Bicol or probably the whole Philippines…for me, I just want you to see what I do whether am the first or not.

This is an exhibit for the Graphically-Inclined!


One of #BBR’s Co-Republican –¬†is having an event come May 3-4,2014…reblogging her post here:

I’d like to invite you to be one of my solemates for the first ever DATE IN DAET (DiD2014) getaway and become members of blogkadas who will share about your discoveries and experiences in Daet highlighting its places of interests together with the local products & services through your BLOGS and SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS to tickle the interest of fellow Bicolanos, Filipinos and even foreigners, especially those fun and adventure loving tourists who are also tech-savvy and heavily rely on internet for information.

DiD2014 is primarily a tourism advocacy campaign that encourages Businesses, Bloggers, Bicolanos, and others stakeholders to to be closer to Daet, to make friends with one another and to reconcile all efforts for a better and progressive society. This is in line with Sole Searching Soul’s purpose of making a difference in a community one trip at a time.

Wanna go on a trip FREE OF CHARGE?JOIN US IN DATEinDAET!!!!!!

My Photography

My love affair with this medium of the arts has not been that long…although I have had my father as an influence to pursue visually-enticing jobs to emulate what he does when he was still among the living, this was accidentally discovered as my original plan was to further delve into the realm of film making.

I have been blessed to have experienced the development of technology through the years, from analog to digital to multimedia. I have seen the evolution of the computer, softwares and operating systems. I have seen science-fiction come to life!

But from all this chaos, I was able to find order…I was able to find that niche where nobody else wanted to take…to describe it a bit further, here’s what a friend thinks about my work:

“Appreciating a photographic work requires understanding of the photographer; thus, I can deeply appreciate the obras of Ritche Asagra since I understand him as a person.¬† I was with him few years before I left Legazpi for Korea as fellow members of Aquinas University faculty. We must have brushed elbows when we were both coaches of two different college groups in the staging of Rokyaw in Aquinas University.¬† We also both moved on to the Bicol University as adjunct professors of different departments.¬† We were never close but we were bound to be‚Ķlater, as Facebook friends. The social network caused a gravitation of my attention to the photographic works posted on my wall, which later zeroed in on photos watermarked as RasagrafikaManila. Said works are not over-demanding, so it seems, ¬†but extremely engaging as far as my aesthetic faculties are concerned.

At slack times, I would browse through Ritche’s timeline photos and scrutinize, decipher and dissect each item to appreciate every element.  As an old school appraiser, I dare present my observations.  On selectivity, he is indiscriminating in choosing his subject matter, taking stock of any object that runs into his visual purview; may it be a caterpillar inching its way through a twig, rain droplets on a green trembling leaf, blazing sun on a lazy afternoon, gorgeous ladies commissioned for a photo shoot on a busy thoroughfare, mundane movements of humans on a market day, holiday decors on the streets, geometric constellations seen through glass paneled windows of a movie theater, whatever, wherever, and whenever.  He instantaneously captures each moment with a calculated press on his camera’s shutter rendering a living iota of the vast universe seized in a second of time.

Through meticulous processing of his shots, he presents an interpretive reality of each moment designed to persuade the audience to believe in seeing.  He basically describes a person, place, thing or event but his photography goes beyond that for it attempts to either explain or interpret the moment in the articulate way that he produces an indigenous imagery of reality.  Ritche produces balance through asymmetry by unconventionally placing his subject out of the focal center to the periphery and balancing the spatial territory with a tricky use of shadows, colors and lines to approximate an orderly chaos.  This is most evident in his macros of the spider, bird, caterpillar and so on as well as in his landscapes.

Perhaps it is his idiosyncracy playing on his works that brings a vernacular character to his photography.  His compendium of reportorial  pictures of events vividly narrates the cultural and human interest ingredients, which tend to inform if not entertain the audience.  In this category of photos, he tends more to interpret than explain.  If he is adept at interpretation, this must be because of his other preoccupation as a public speaker.  He is a lecturer in various subject fields of communication arts and a professional radio disc jockey, in which his penchant for communicative relations is given an outlet.

Me thinks Ritche Asagra‚Äôs visual poetry blends well with my verbal poetry, which I have tinkered with lately.¬† Ideas are brewing for a publication in tandem of his photos and my poems. A big bundle of talents and skills, Ritche Asagra is bound to be much better than great beyond photography!” – Dr. Pedro Bernaldez, Ph.D

DOSE NA GRAFIKA: An exhibit of digital art on canvas

Coming This May!


City tourist guides often recommend arranging passes for special art exhibits. This is true for travelers that prefer to wander big cities to visit museums, dine in fancy restaurants and sip wines in cozy lounges.

Albay may not be as big a city as those frequently traveled by tourists in Europe, but there‚Äôs an interesting event that city wanderers, photography enthusiasts and art buffs can include in their itinerary for their Albay visit this May ‚Äď that is, DOSE NA GRAFIKA (12 Graphics) .

DOSE NA GRAFIKA is an exhibit of digital art on canvas, a first of its kind in Bicol, and probably in the entire Philippines.

The exhibit opens on May 12, 2014 and runs until the end of the month at the Albay Capitol Atrium Art Gallery, Old Albay Dist., Legazpi City.

This is the first solo exhibit of Ritche Asagra since 3 years of joining exhibits…

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Good Friday Processions

I had the opportunity to witness the annual procession of devotees(?) in another place other than Albay – Sorsogon…the people who chose to go with the “Karos” had to do it barefoot…and as explained to me, has been an age-old tradition among the people in Sorsogon City.